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Soli Deo Gloria!

Welcome to my art world. I'm Shannon Caeley (pronounced Kay-lee), and I am obsessed with the vibrancy of colors, and the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. As I continue to practice and grow my skills, my passion for art only grows! Scroll down to read more of my story and learn why I love what I do so much.


My Story

I am perpetually in awe over God's creative majesty. With just a word He spoke all the things I find most beautiful into existence. The grace of a tulip as it bends gently in the breeze, the many textures and subtle shades of a rose, a delicate dew covered blossom on a cloudy day, a new leaf on a houseplant all speak to the awesome imagination and perfect creation of an amazing God and King. My greatest desire with my art is to reflect this glory in some way. I want to whisper some of the joy I find around me to you through the strokes of my brush, no matter how small they may be. Although it’s not a big or important task, the ability to spread that beauty in some small way is a source of joy and purpose for me. As I daily battle chronic pain and other difficulties brought to me by the illnesses I struggle with, to know that I can create in this way and glorify God even when I must isolate myself to deal with this pain is a daily comfort. And to know that my art is in the homes and hearts of people near and far away is a warm thought amidst that pain, and brings gladness within sorrow. Because of all this, my goal with my art has solidified into only one—Soli Deo Gloria, to God alone be the glory. I want to shout it from the rooftops, emblazon it on the world around me,  because it means that no matter how sick I may be, I have a purpose in a place in God's kingdom, for He asks me only to glorify Him. It brings unspeakable joy and comfort, for His will for my life and my art is perfect.

Some facts about me, for those interested. 

  • There are over fifty plants in my bedroom. If you ask me about them, be prepared to hear every fact about them...I'm that obsessed.

  • My family and I got our first chickens and ducks this year. They are so much fun, and chicken math is already occurring. 

  • I used to think digital art was not as "real" as on paper/physical art. I am happy to admit I was wrong. 

  • Book collecting is almost amazing as plant collecting. 

  • A few years ago my family and I started going to a church, Grace Covenant Church which is in the new Vanguard Presbyterian Church denomination. I praise God daily for leading us there, it has changed my view of Him and taught me so much about His amazing grace and plan for His people! Not to mention the body of believers assembled in this church are a constant witness and encouragement to me. 

  • I used to be part of my family's band. My younger siblings are doing amazing things with the band now! Find them on youtube here.

  • Continuing in the musical vein, I played violin for 9 years, piano for 10, and guitar for 10.

  • I was (proudly) homeschooled––as if that wasn't obvious... 

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